0.4 - 2 liter TFF Perfusion-SUB

Small size Perfusion-SUB integrating pump, Hollow-Fiber-Filter and sensor’s


World only P-SUB for TFF method process offer:

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) fouling free process with innovative diaphragm pump
  • 0.4 - 2 liter Working Volume fully pre-assembled P-SUB - incl assembly of hoses and bottles
  • Circulation of broth by Clio-CM100 diaphragm One-way-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP)

From left: 1. – WORLD only 100 % pre-assembled including single-use assembly, 2. Packed, pre-sterilized and ready to use Single-Use-Bioreactor for perfusion, 3. Rendered assembly incl Single-Use-Pump all ready to use.

CellMembra-3200 integrates SUB / O-SUP / HFF / SUS in one package:

  • 3.2 liter Vessel Volume (VV) with 5 x PG 13.5 ports supplied by CerCell
  • 0.4 – 2.0 liter Working Volume (WV)
  • Integrated Single-Use-Sensor - OneFerm pH and VisiWell DO for VisiFerm Re-Usable-Sensor. Even the new InCyte ARC patch can be integrated.
  • 3 free PG 13.5 port for other sensor's
  • Clio-CM100 with fully controlled and measure broth volume and velocity in real-time - see Clio O-SUP spec 
  • Thermal control either electrical or with water - check out under Thermal Accessories

HFF - most often used

  1. Repligen HFF with 0.2 µm pore, 14 x 1.0 mm straw/lumen, ??? cm2 area, ½" TRI-clamp ports, Luer-Lok side ports, (T0?-P20U-10-N)
  2. Repligen HFF with 0.2 µm pore, 75 x 1.0 mm straw/lumen, ??? cm2 area, 3/4" TRI-clamp ports, (S0?-P20U-10-N)
  3. Cytiva HFF

Clio-M100 diaphragm O-SUP controlled by:

  • The ultra compact Clotho Drive Unit available in both a single channel and a dual channel version
  • If you don't have <3 Bar pressure and good vacuum supply available in your lab -  then add one or two of Alagonia pumps and  Sarpedon reservoir

From left: 1. – Working presentation on ESACT in Lausanne. 2. – Incl Clio-CM100 O-SUP and the support foot which also holds the red laser sensor. 3. – One example of SUB supporting hardware installation showing Clotho, Alagonia, Sarpedon.

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor’s to choose from:

  • One port for either PolarWell or VisiWell Single-Use-Well (SUW) for 220 mm RUS
  • One port for OneFerm or FermProbe pH Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) S8 socket, classical signal
  • InCyte ARC bio-mass sensor optional installed in wall close to bottom
  • One port for thermo couple
  • Reduce vastly or eliminate components sterilized in conventional autoclave

Other features for the 3200 P-SUB:

  • Fully assembled Perfusion-SUB packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated - ready to use
  • Limited need for assembling the perfusion concept in LAF bench – less contamination risks - bio-mass SUS is also possible
  • Three baffles of width 10 mm x thickness 4 mm – if you have other requirements – tell us
  • Impeller: Kidney impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 30 degrees clock wise rotation and up flow mounted 50 mm from the bottom – if you have other requirements – tell us
  • Pumped volume and velocity measured accurately and fully controlled – no guessing

More information about CellMembra P-SUB to be found under Support