• CellMembra 3200 and Clio
    CellMembra 3200 and Clio
  • High tech thermal control
    High tech thermal control
  • Pre installed Single Use Sensor's
    Pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's
  • Magnetic Bottom Drive and Clio
    Magnetic-Bottom-Drive and Clio
  • Drive Unit for Single Use Pumps
    Drive Unit for Single-Use-Pumps
  • Semi continuous processing
    Semi-continuous processing
  • Multi port head plate
    Multi port head plate
  • Laser sensor for high tech precision
    Laser sensor for high tech precision
  • Semi continuous small scale
    Semi-continuous processing in small scale
  • Super compact Drive Unit
    Super compact Drive Unit for Thalia
  • Alternating fluid exchanger
    Alternating fluid exchanger transparent dome

Bioreactor, pump and Hollow-Fiber-Filter pre-assembled and bagged

Integrating Single Use Bioreactor, Single-Use-Pump, Single-Use-Sensor's and single-use Hollow-Fiber-Filter for operation in semi-continuous perfusion mode

Any Perfusion SUB design you can imagine for cost effective mAb's expression

Customizable and scalable P-SUB's for cultivation of various mammalian cell lines in perfusion or semi continuous mode for expression

Perfusion-Ready-SUBs to fit your preferred setup and equipment for expression

CellTernate Perfusion-Ready-SUBs for cultivation of 150 mio cells/mL mammalian suspension or adherent cells with you own ATF setup.