• Item 1
    CellMembra 300 and 500 for DasBox
  • Item 2
    CellRetention 13.000 with Thalia A-SUP and Clotho
  • Item 3
    CellRetention 13.000 with Thalia M140 pump
  • Item 4
    Demo kit with presentation cylinders
  • Item 5
    PerfuseCell + Cronus-PCS setup
  • Item 6
    Scalable Thalia and HFFs
  • Item 7
    SUS packed in CellRetention 500
  • Item 8
    Thalia M100 and 3.2 liter P-SUB with InCyte
  • Item 9
    Thalia M100 A-SUP complete
  • Item 10
    Thalia M200 diaphragm pump
  • Item 11
    Thalia range M80 - M200

Laser guided pump keep HFF free from fouling

Integrating Single-Use-Bioreactor, Single-Use-Pump, Single-Use-Sensor's and single-use Hollow-Fiber-Filter for operation in semi-continuous perfusion mode

Perfusion Bioreactor for cost effective mAb's expression

Customizable and scalable P-SUB's for cultivation of various mammalian cell lines in perfusion or semi-continuous mode for expression

Perfusion Bioreactor with clean HFF in TFF or ATF

Flush out HFF fouling and debris controlled even at cultivation of 100 mio cells/ml mammalian suspension cells operating either TFF or ATF method