Software upgrade

Very easy software upgrade

Clotho Drive Unit (green software GUI) for control of Clio O-SUP / Thalia A-SUP control is easy to upgrade. One can change between any of the software version available.

The display / GUI informs at any time the current version # in upper left corner.

If you want to upgrade the software. Then obtain a USB memory stick from PerfuseCell with the preferred version when ever needed. Insert the Memory Stick into the USB socket and turn on the Drive Unit. Wait for a minute and the new software version is loaded into the Apollon PLC.


Software version # Changes, improvements, Date
C.65 Improvement of average ml/min calculation (6 times more points per minute included) 2017-10-10
C.66 Change in the text of Graphic-User-Interface. 2017-10-31
C.67 Introducing Clotho-2 with new user interfaces (channel 2 and a overview user interface). 2017-12-05
C.68 Changes to the manuel vacuum and pressure bottom's. More power full for manual testing of the SUP/SUE. 2017-12-19
C.69 Change to the the cleaning cycle speed/ramp steepness to insure a better chance of clearing the straws/lumen path. 2018-03-01
C.70 Change in the test in the user interface and now an improved sinusoidal waveform. 2018-03-05

Change, now with 4 different waveforms and amplitude control 50 % to 100 % stroke length.


Many improvements