Keep HFF clean combined with Perfusion Bioreactor

Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor - P-SUB

PerfuseCell™ customize and manufacture a variety of Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor's for cultivating mammalian cells at high cell density in perfusion mode for expression of proteins, antibodies, vaccines. Fully assembled P-SUBs with Vessel Volume (VV) ranging (0.3 for DasBox or AMBR Modular PCS) 0.5 - 3.2 - 5.7 - 13 liter is available.

The key for cleaning and keep clean Hollow-Fibre-Filter's in any P-SUBs setup is the scalable diaphragm Single-Use-Pump's (SUP) Thalia or Clio able to alter accurately fluid velocities flushing out fouling.


  1. CellMembra™ operate in TFF mode and integrate the scalable Clio OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP), a selectable Hollow-Fiber-Filter, and multiple Single-Use-Sensor's. All pre-assembled, pre-packed and ready for easy use with the Clotho Drive Unit's.

  2. CellRetention™ operate in ATF mode and integrate the scalable Thalia Alternating-Single-Use-Pump (A-SUP), a selectable Hollow-Fiber-Filter, and a range of Single-Use-Sensor's. All pre-assembled, pre-packed and ready for easy use with Clotho Drive Unit's.

  3. If you need the Thalia A-SUP pre-assembled with the HFF - ask us - eliminate the restricting Luer-Loc or TRI-clamps with Direct-Fit HFF

Scalable Clio and Thalia SUPs runs perfect on Cronus-PCS Drive Units - also via Lucullus or DeltaV or DasWare for data analytics and data management.


Cellmembra Mini And Clotho Controller2023 Thalia 3200 P SUB02023 Thalia Incyte PSUB2023 10 26 Perfusecell Cronus PCS Setup

Thalia and Clio SUP's keep the Hollow-Fibre-Filter (HFF) clean, free from fouling issues by programable sequential selectable fluid velocity flushing out debris securing optimum process time with a single HFF


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