Hollow-Fibre-Filter in general

Details to Hollow-Fibre-Filter module’s

Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) membrane module - is a device that can serve to transfer selected gases, liquids, particles between two fluids across a permeable membrane. The HFF module may be a round cartridge housing and end covers. Inside the cartridge a bundle of thin wall tubular straws, lumen (the membrane) fabricated from controlled pore size material such as polyethersulfone. This bundle of straws is in each end sealed, cast into end covers inside the housing separating the straw inside surface from the straw outside surface. The HFF cartridge has technically a first broth / feed inlet, a second retentate outlet and one or more third permeate outlet(s). The traditional cartridge is in each end mounted with end covers, caps equipped with ports, flanges for further connection. HFF modules are typically based on a stack of straws, lumen with inner diameters (ID) of 0.5 or 1 mm. Lately also available in 2 and even 3 mm diameter for biotech purposes. 

SEM photo of a 0.4 mm straw wall section Polyethersulfone (PES). Illustration of Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) principle with 3 bundled straws - red particles = CHO cells, blue particles = proteins passing the cylindrical membrane wall, barrier. SEM photo of MPES membrane from SpectrumLabs.

From right: On top the MidiKros HFF size T06 14 straw, ¾” TRI-flanges and Luer-Lok permeate outlet. Bellow the larger MiniKros HFF size S04 with 75 straws with ¾” inlet/outlet and permeate outlet. Middle and right photos: Selection of HFFs ranging 100 - 600 mm length.

PerfuseCell has good experience in pre-assembling P-SUBs with:

  • Repligen (Spectrum) HFF, material/pore size P20U - dry straw, pore size 0.2 µm (200 nm), 1 mm fiber diameter - choose the length you want
  • Polyethersulfone (PES) Micro-Filtration modules made with hydrophilic PES provided dry and without preservative (like Glycerin soaked)
  • Installed PES modules are ready for use - just unpack from the dual bag enclosure
  • MLL (Male Luer-Lok) - FLL (Female Luer-Lok)
  • Note the Repligen model D02 material mPES have 12 fibers and D02 material PES have 14 fibers – influence on surface area and your performance calculations!

Most popular standard available from Repligen / Spectrum is asymmetric HFF structure modules for R&D work.

Left photo - SpectrumLabs offered this series of HFF installed on request by PerfuseCell. Center photo - Examples of Meissner’s latest HFF with TRI clamps. Right photo – Selection of HFFs ranging 100 - 900 mm length. Examples of Meissner’s latest HFF with TRI clamps. Right photo – Selection of HFFs ranging 100 - 900 mm length.

General recommendations

  • Circulate DI water, buffer or media after unpacking and check permeate reach 2 ml/cm2 flow rate
  • Follow manufactures recommendation is always good !
  • See also our Trips & Tricks

Left - Presentation of CellRetention-500 incl the vertical arranged Thalia-M80 A-SUP with the orange label HFF on top. Center - CellMembra-500 in Heating-Support-Foot integrating the horizontal arranged Clio-M80 O-SUP connecting via Luer-Lok the orange label HFF ready for use. Right – Thalia-M140 A-SUP mounted with a SepraPor HFF with 1½” TRI-flange and the small Thalia M80 with ½” TRI SepraPor.

Choose HFF from one of your preferred suppliers, such as: