Thalia and HFF connection

Thalia A-SUP improves HFF cartridge performance

Skip the troublesome Luer-Loc, TRI-clamp, sterile connections, etc - which causes turbulent flow, uncontrolled velocities, stress and reduce cell viability.

We all have our experience with HFF cartridges equipped with Luer-Loc and super limited fluid paths. Way to many TRI-clamps, seals, flanges not easy to assemble in a hood - to be packed for autoclaving. Seen on photo at right a super easy pre-assembly of a diaphragm pump and the HFF cartridge.

Obtain the best possible laminar cell friendly broth flow from the LASER guided diaphragm Single-Use-Pump (SUP) directly to the Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) cartridge end-face. All pre-assembled, pre-packed, irradiated and ready to use.

Beautiful smooth transition from the Thalia diaphragm body to the HFF cartridge. HFF retentate outlet in angle avoiding collapsing hoses og extra supports.

Thalia TM80 and TM100 examples of best possible connection to a HFF cartridge for vastly improved flow characteristics. Stress-Free connection of HFF to Thalia size M140, M100, M80.