Power Number - how to measure

Measure the power a rotor consume

Improved cultivation, fermentation and easier scalability with measured data

In order to measure Power Number’s (Np) one need accurate data for rotor/impeller/turbine power consumption measured in Watt. Some Process-Control-System's (PCS) are able to measure total motor power. Though no PCS is able to measure the specific power lost into the media by the rotor / impeller / turbine only. The difference is friction in various bearings, coupling parts, motor friction, electrical losses, etc. which has to be measured and subtracted from total motor power.

Perseus and Cilix is designed to establish genuine Power Number's


Dual Perseus Drive Unit's each for one 100 watt geared BLDC motor mounted on MST driving a SUB and motor mounted on a SUB with HPD. Perseus is suitable for Power Number measurements from 5 liter WV SUBs, SUFs and up.

Cilix-B2 drive unit shown with 10 watt rated power NEMA-13 and 25 watt rated power NEMA-17 BLDC servo motors designed for both agitation and Power Number measurement on SUBs and SUFs with less than 5 liter Working Volume (WV). Centre photo show a 3.2 liter CellVessel mounted with a NEMA-17 motor. At far right Cilix-B2 with both NEMA-13 and NEMA-17 servo motors.

The Perseus and both Cilix-B2 and B8 packages combines mechanics, electronics and highly advanced software. All matched carefully together so the Perseus and Cilix measure the rotor power consumption in real-time in Watts required to perform the agitation only and hereby the accurate Np calculation.

So, skip the guessing and measure in real-time the accurate rotor Watt consumption and get instantly the calculated Power Number. Perseus and Cilix is available from - https://cronus-pcs.com/products/themis-motor-drive

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