Diaphragm background - series 32

Historical about the CerPhragm pump’s

The CerPhragm range of AOPD (AirOperatePositiveDisplayment) Single-Use-Pump's either integrated with:

  • a Hollow-Fibre-Filter (HFF)
  • a perfusion systems as found from PerfuseCell

Designed for super controlled operation by the advanced Clotho, Lachesis or Atropos drive units. Which via the LASER sensor measures the free-flowing diaphragm positioned in real-time. The result is a true Positive Displacement (PD) SUP with un-parallel performance and capabilities.

Two variants of the LASER guided scalable diaphragm SUP is currently available:

  • ATF operation method – the Thalia A-SUP – Alternating-Tangential-Flow – with no valves
  • TFF operation method – the Clio O-SUP – Tangential-Flow-Filtration – OneWay flow direction - with valves

The CerPhragm "Single-Use-Pumps" Clio and Thalia are, as the expression indicated, of single-use capability, manufactured from polymers and not designed to be high temperature autoclaved. But supplied E-beam irradiated in dual foil bags including the HFF.

We chose the IPR acronym “CerPhragm”. Patents granted for CerPhragm™ in a range of countries.