Diaphragm background - series 32

Historical about the CerPhragm pump’s

The CerPhragm range of AOPD (AirOperatePositiveDisplayment) Single-Use-Pump's either integrated with a HFF. Or integrated with various perfusion systems as found from PerfuseCell. Designed for super controlled operation by the advanced Clotho, Lachesis or Atropos drive units. Which via the LASER sensor measures the free-flowing diaphragm positioned in real-time. The result is a true Positive Displacement (PD) SUP with un-parallel performance and capabilities.

Two variants of the LASER controlled scalable diaphragm SUP is currently available:

  • ATF operation method – the Thalia A-SUP – Alternating-Tangential-Flow – with no valves
  • TFF operation method – the Clio O-SUP – Tangential-Flow-Filtration – OneWay flow direction - with valves

The CerPhragm "Single-Use-Pumps" Clio and Thalia are, as the expression indicated, of single-use capability, manufactured from polymers and not designed to be high temperature autoclaved. But supplied E-beam irradiated in dual foil bags.

We chose the IPR acronym “CerPhragm”. Patents granted for CerPhragm™ in a range of countries.