Pumps for both vacuum or pressure

Stand-alone CE certified air pumps for continues operation. Pressure or vacuum source for drive of Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD). Such as Clio Single-Use-Pump's (O-SUPs) and Thalia Single-Use-Pump's (A-SUP) via Drive Unit's like Clotho and Lachesis.

Product, model name


Purpose of pump

Vacuum or pressure source

Supply gas pressure, max

1.3 bar atmospheric

Rated pressure capacity, l/min/+ 1,0 bar 8
Supply vacuum pressure 0.1 bar absolute

Rated vacuum capacity, l/min/ + 0,6 Bar


one-touch couplings, for hose OD mm 8

Power supply, 50-60 Hz via IEC socket, VAC

fixed 230 or fixed 120 

Power drawn, ampere 0.4 or 0.8 

Noise level, dBa


Hephaestus cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Alagonia-8 hold one customized dual rubber diaphragm pump driven by a fixed RPM asynchronous motor for very long life-time. For temperature control one constant operating Sunon 70 m3/hour MagLev bearing axial ventilator. Alagonia-8 can supply either pressure or vacuum. NOT both pressure and vacuum at the same time from the same Alagonia-8 unit! Includes on the pressure side an air pressure release electro/pneumatic valve for simple pump start-up.

Hephaestus U2 Stainless Steel cabinet housing the Alagonia pump. Further one Sarpedon reservoir next to Alagonia stabilising the pressure or vacuum. Gauges on Sarpedon help controlling pressures. The two Riegler 1.2 Bar pressure regulators visible on Sarpedon front.


  • no USB port or RJ45 port
  • Power inlet via IEC C14 male socket

 Manufactured by www.cronus-pcs.com