Clio SUP keep the HFF clean in TFF mode

Clio O-SUP keep the HHF clean as to selectable fluid velocities

Clio is a OneWay fluid pump and part of CellMembra perfusion concept. Build for super controlled operation by the advanced Clotho (or Lachesis) Drive Units. Clotho measures via the LASER accurately in real-time the free-flowing diaphragm position. Allowing Clotho programming the desired volume to convey and at desired fluid velocity. The result is an Air-Operated-Diaphragm-positive-Displacement (AODPD) OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) with un-parallel performance.

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Scalable - YES - check out spec table

Clio O-SUP models

Clio V30

Clio CM80

Clio CM100

Clio CM140

Clio CM200

Layout, number of diaphragms






Diaphragm diameter, mm






Stroke Volume, SV, mL/S, 0-100% stroke






Cardiac Output (CO range), harvest cycle, mL/min






Beats-per-Minute, BpM






Typical hose connection, ID/OD mm






The smallest diaphragm O-SUP is the Clio V30 which has been in production for years connected to the bioBLU 0.3 CellMembra 300 P-SUB. Requirements for all SUPs for optimal operation are >2 Bar pneumatic air pressure and vacuum <50 mBar absolute.

Clio technical / functionality

  • The diaphragm OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) integrates two passive OneWay valves guiding the direction of fluid. The valve body receives broth from the SUB and deliver broth to the Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) feed inlet after which the broth passes axially the HFF and exit as retentate to be returned to the SUB
  • Clio O-SUP integrates between the SUB and the HFF
  • Clio features the re-usable (red) LASER sensor reading diaphragm position through the transparent dome window = know the position = optimum position programming
  • As the position of the diaphragm is know at any time the broth velocity and volume calculation can be performed, repeated and presented on the Clotho display in real-time 
  • Clio both pump and measures conveyed volume ranging within its spec and from 0 to >10 m/s velocity through the HFF

Left photo show several Clio size CM80 and CM100 mounted with Laser sensor support on top of dome. Right photo show Clotho drive units connected to the small M80 O-SUP.

Unique user features:

  • Clio keep the HFF - Hollow-Fibre-Filter - clean from fouling issues maximizes process time
  • Clio handle fluids = liquids and / or gases or any mix of liquid/gas
  • Clio is a true metering feed pump = Positive Displacement (PD) pump = accurate mass-flow measured constantly
  • Clio pump do NOT need a mass-flow sensor measuring the mass-flow
  • Clio easily sucks fluids from low arranged containers
  • Clio is a low shear force, gentle design which do not damage mammalian cells
  • Clio pump do NOT need calibration like peristaltic pumps - Clio is self calibrating
  • Clio pump do NOT loose nano size silicone particles to the fluid like peristaltic pumps

The basics in operation is copied from the human heart functionality

  • Cardiac Output (CO) = total pumped volume, SUP capacity, mL/min (CO = BpM x SV)
  • Beats-per-Minute (BpM) = ranging 0 - 15 BpM, SUP diameter/stroke volume depending
  • Stroke Volume (SV) = programable from 0 - 100% of SUP capacity

Physical features:

  • No expensive housing materials for traditional steam cleaning requirements
  • No mechanical rotating parts such as electrical motor, coupling, rollers or gearing
  • Stationary passive silicone valves or moving ball valves
  • All single-use medical grade plastic parts supplied irradiated – contamination not possible
  • All pumps offer infinite turn-down, turn-up scale better than 1:5.000

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