DO Presens optical

Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) in PG 13.5 x 120, 220 mm size

Pre-installed optional Presens technology based DO non-invasive all Single-Use-Sensor with optical active patch, end-cap before bagging of the SUB/SUF products. The small sensor spots allow precise and non-invasive oxygen monitoring. They are read out contactless via an optical fiber, which is connected to the fiber optic oxygen meter.

The PreSens wall mount oxygen meter OXY-1 WM is specially designed for integration in existing monitoring and control units, while its color LCD display allows fast checks on oxygen levels inside the bioreactor. With various digital interfaces, configurable analog outputs, error output relay and concentration alarm relay, it offers various monitoring and control options. Install this splash-proof oxygen meter (protection class IP64) even in harsh production environments.

1 - Fiber optic cable connects to Presens Single-Use-Sensors. 2 - 120 mm long SUS examples. 3 - Wall Mount Fiber Optic Oxygen Meter.