Pressure and vacuum storage

Stand-alone reservoir for stabilizing / reduce pulsation from the Supply Gas pressure or vacuum sources. Distribution center in connection with one or more Alagonia pressure or vacuum pumps. 

Product, model name



Vacuum and pressure manifold and pulsation reducer

Tank volumes, litre

2 x 1

Tank testing pressure, Bar


Max operating Supply Gas pressure, bar


Hephaestus cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Two 1 litre containers manufactured from welded aluminium tube onto aluminium flanges housed inside Hephaestus U2 stainless steel cabinet each with four one-tough fittings in front.

One in center arranged 8 mm one-tough fitting connects to a source such as Alagonia-8. Sarpedon further equipped with three 6 mm one-tough fittings for connection to Clotho's, gauges, etc. Each tank is equipped with one fixed pre-set 1.2 Bar pressure regulators. 

Sarpedon in Hephaestus U2 Stainless Steel cabinets. Sarpedon ready to use with accessory kit of two gauges and two pressure regulators. Both for a setup combined with Clotho Drive Unit and CellMembra or CellRetention P-SUB's. Pressure tested to 8 bar - max operating pressure is 1.2 Bar. Sarpedon integrated in the Cronus tower incl 2 Alagonia-8 and one Clotho-2 on top.

In & Out in front fixed:

• Two 8 mm hose connections via one-touch couplings
• Six 6 mm hose connections via one-touch couplings
• Two Riegler TUV certified pressure regulators set at 1.2 Bar


  • no USB port or RJ45 port

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