400-2,000 ml Working Volume P-SUB with Clio controlled by the Clotho Drive Unit

PerfuseCell offer 3.2 litre CellMembra-3200 P-SUB OD 137 x 270 mm combined with the Clio-CM100 O-SUP.

From left: 1 - Illustration show relevant fluid schematics with bottom driven P-SUB, controlled diaphragm SUP and HFF. 2 – The pre-assembled SUB connected to O-SUP dome/diaphragm/valve-block at bottom of HFF. 3 - The pre-assembled dome/diaphragm/valve-block/HFF is mounted on a foot, which contain the red LASER sensor for real-time measuring the position of the diaphragm and hereby full control of velocity and volume.

From left: 1 – Pre-assembled dome/diaphragm/valve-block with hose/barb inlet and bottom of HFF visible. 2 - The pre-assembled dome/diaphragm/valve-block/HFF is mounted on the LFC-100 foot which house the red LASER sensor for real-time measuring the position of the diaphragm. 3 – Clio-CM100 O-SUP next to the 3.2 liter SUB with visible impeller and Magnetic-Bottom-Drive motor.

SUB - Agitation (the SUB is sourced from sister company CerCell):

  • 100% configurable design for the 3.2 Vessel Volume (VV) Working Volume (WV) as low as 400 ml - SUS and impeller dependent
  • Agitation from bottom by Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) driven by the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST-U)

SUB - Thermal Control

  • Electrical blanket heating - wrap the orange silicone blanket around the SUB - traditional
  • Electrical jacket heating - Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-E) integrated with the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) - the HSF adds important stability and ease in use - best choice
  • Water Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for heating/cooling combined with the Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MST)

HFF – Hollow-Fiber-Filter for continuous harvest / cell free permeate. Choose from one of your preferred HFF suppliers, such as:

We pre-install whichever HFF you want.

Clio-CM100 O-SUP = OneWay-Single-Use-Pump:

  • Clio keep the HFF, Hollow-Fibre-Filter clean, free from fouling issues by programmable sequential selectable high fluid velocity flushing out debris securing optimum process time with a single HFF
  • The diaphragm One-way-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) integrate two passive one-way silicone valves guiding the direction of broth flow. The valve body receive broth from the SUB and deliver feedstock to the HFF feed inlet after passed the HFF the retentate is returned to the SUB
  • The O-SUP fits onto the re-usable pump housing foot which also integrate the Laser sensor
  • The high precision LASER sensor measures in real-time and accurate the position of the diaphragm so feedstock velocity and volume calculation can be performed
  • Fully programmable Clio-CM100 can pump any volume ranging and from 0 to +10 m/sec velocity through the HFF

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor's to choose from:

  • CellMembra™ features pre-installed 225 mm SUS for DO, pH, temp, level 
  • Also available with Hamilton InCyte bio-mass SUS patch mounted vertical at the bottom of the SUB
  • Reduce vastly or completely eliminate components sterilized in conventional autoclave

From left: 1 – Cronus tower (including Clotho Drive Unit) setup for drive of the O-SUP not shown the PCS for control of the SUB cultivation process. 2 – Detail showing the red LASER sensor the P-SUB mounted on MST-U driven by a Kollmorgen servo motor. On top of the O-SUP visible the 14 straw HFF.

O-SUP – driven by the Clotho Drive Unit:

  • CellMembra™ SUB work with any PCS
  • Drive Unit Clotho designed to control the Clio Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) ensuring efficient and reproducible operation
  • From Clotho programmable feedstock velocity and volume through HFF module for harvest and for removal of potential membrane deposits
  • Connection to pressurized air and vacuum within your lab - or from unit's like Alagonia and Sarpedon if you don't have access to pressurized air and vacuum
  • Compact Clotho available in either single or dual channel models