DO Hamilton optical

Re-Usable-Sensor (RUS) in Single-Use VisiWell

Hamilton manufacture the VisiFerm™ optical oxygen sensor with 0-300% saturated O2 range. CerCell manufacture and install optionally (before bagging and E-beam irradiation) ) the unique non-invasive transparent Polycarbonate VisiWell integrating the optical active black spot.

VisiWell design introduced as early as year 2016. VisiFerm to be screwed into the VisiWell without end-cap and O-rings.

Latest VisiWell design from 2020 Q1 and ahead. VisiFerm is now screwed into the VisiWell for improved measuring accuracy. Remember to remove both O-rings and the cap from VisiFerm.

The user inserts their own re-usable VisiFerm™ DO sensor (without stainless-steel end-cap and two O-rings) into the non-invasive VisiWell. Screw the VisiFerm into position gently by hand only. NO tools needed for less than 0.01 Nm torque.

There is no contact between VisiFerm and the media. No autoclaving of VisiFerm is required ensuring the sensor obtain a long and stable lifetime.

VisiFerm is available in PG 13,5 x 120, 225, 325, 425 lengths in both analogue and digital (ARC) versions. Choose VisiWell in corresponding lengths selected to be pre-installed in various SUBs and SUFs.

Calibration according to Hamilton recommendations:

  • Insert VisiFerm in the VisiWell with no media in the SUB / SUF and calibrate traditional at 100% saturation.
  • Fill media in the SUB / SUF.
  • Calibrate

Hamilton product information focusing on the VisiFerm DO sensor. Click on thumbnail and download.