Installation of Clotho

Installation of Clotho

Some basics:

  • In Europa and other places, the 230 VAC 50 Hz power supply is predominant
  • In USA the 110-120 VAC 60 Hz is predominant
  • Clotho and Lachesis operate on 24 VDC via an external power supply. If supplied by PerfuseCell the voltage input will range 110-230 VAC, see -

Clotho-1 and Clotho-2 is equipped with OD6 mm one-touch fittings for supply of pressurized air and OD8 mm one-touch fittings for vacuum inlet and OD8 for Drive Gas outlets for channel A and B. Lachesis has larger one-touch fittings.

For ease of use we operate with and recommend to operate with different hose colors and material of hoses connected to Clotho.

Photo from left show a set of Nylon and the more flexible transparent blue polyurethane (PU) hose. Photo 2 show the many connections on the front of Clotho-2 Drive Unit with two transparent PU tube connections for the Clio or Thalia. Photo 3 show the 3 different colored hoses connected to Clotho Drive Unit and two blue transparent PU hoses for Drive Gas to the SUPs.

Nylon-12 material hose for more stationary application which do not need to be moved around.

  • Green for vacuum supply – Drive Unit top left (better, lower than 0.1 Bar absolute, preferably 0.05 Bar) - vacuum need larger hoses as to the reduced pressure different as to the physics of vacuum
  • Blue for dry pressured air supply – Drive Unit top right (2 - 5 Bar atmospheric)

Polyurethane (PU) material transparent blue flexible hose supplied by SMC for applications where flexibility is important.

  • Blue transparent for Drive Gas connection – centre of Clotho front panel for channel A and channel B

Photo 1 show connections and the little black USB/WiFi adaptor. Center photo with quite unique range of Thalia A-SUPs. Left photo shows a complete Cronus tower including Clotho-2 connected to the two red Laser sensors and needed hoses.

The Cronus-PCS units are designed to be stacked in any direction. See -