Tips & Tricks Cleaning HFF

Keep the HFF clean via programming Clotho for CerPhragm SUP’s

Examples performed 2023-07-17 as seen on the Clotho clock.

One on many benefits of the Clotho software and LASER controlled diaphragm SUPs (Clio and Thalia). Is the ability to program and display in real-time exact strokes per time, % of stroke, volumes and velocities for Normal Cycle operation and Cleaning Cycles. Allowing the user to program any desired setup for best possible process benefits and MOST important keeping the HFF clean at any time.

Shown, as an example, the last two of many Normal Cycles before one Cleaning Cycle. The lower green display shows the actual velocity in m/s, volume, Stroke-per-Minute, plus many other details. Choose number of each cycle, choose the velocity and volume for each cycle, set of cycles and create the preferred perfusion plan.

Cleaning Cycle followed by a selectable number of Normal Cycles. The curves are slightly different to programmed and actual diaphragm position as to system Drive Gas losses and the short test time. Constantly Clotho software seek to optimize performance by its built-in intelligence. As seen at bottom right this test is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds old.

If actual diaphragm position does not follow a programmed potential aggressive plan the vacuum source may be the limiting factor. Display shows the actual Supply Pressure, Supply Vacuum, Drive Gas Pressure in real-time and the dynamics, which can be linked to TMP understanding.

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