Clotho-1 software

Software design for one Clio or one Thalia

Clotho-1 / mono model for drive of selectable one Clio O-SUP (integrated with CellMembra) or one Thalia A-SUP (integrated with CellRetention). Clotho take advantage of the build-in Apollon brain and receives real-time signals from pressure, temperature, and displacement Laser sensor.


4-screen dump Clotho-1.PNG1-screen dump Clotho-1.PNG3-screen dump Clotho-1.PNG2-screen dump Clotho-1.PNG

Different screen dump’s of the GUI from Clotho-1 software version A.63

The basics behind the Clotho software is taken from the human heart functionality

  • Cardiac Output (CO) = total pumped volume, SUP capacity, ml/min (CO = BpM x SV)
  • Beats-per-Minute (BpM) = determined by the diaphragm diameter, ranging 0-25
  • Stroke Volume (SV) = programmable from 1 to 100%
  • HFF spec, number of Lumens and their ID = cleaning cycle velocity 0 - 10 m/s