Easy suggestions for size 3200 ml Perfusion-SUBs

The modular PerfuseCell accessories

Fully interchangeable between any of the portfolio based on the same P-SUB-3200 size. It all Plug & Play between CellMembra and CellRetention. In practice the Working Volume range from 400 ml to 2000 ml.

Thermal control

The Heating-Support-Foot's improves vastly mechanical stability for light weight P-SUB-3200 operating in specific with small volumes. HSF encapsulates not fully the SUB circumference allowing visual inspection to the broth. 

Heating-Support-Foot (HSF) beautifully bolts onto any of the 3 MST sizes. Here the MST I driven by the Teknic servo motor from the G3 PCS. Infrared camera photo show perfect temperature distribution inside the P-SUB. Same setup works equally well for CellMembra and CellRetention in the HSF.

Parallel operating

Do you need 4 or more 3200 size P-SUBs or PR-SUBs in parallel? Do you already have 4 or more Process-Control-System’s (PCS) available in your lab? Straight forward setup with the accessories available from PerfuseCell.

The width of two P-SUBs mounted inside the HSF on MST incl the Thalia A-SUP is less than one meter.