Thermal control of CellMembra

Thermal control for continuous cultivation 

PerfuseCell offer a range of thermal systems for temperature control to be combined with the P-SUB.

  • Re-Usable electrical heating blanket for CellMembra-medium 3,2 liter size
  • Re-Usable-Jacket for water borne heating of CellMembra-medium 3,2 liter size
  • Re-Usable electrical heating jacket for CellMembra-mini 500 ml
  • Re-Usable water borne heating jacket for CellMembra-mini 500 ml


3 litre SUB in RUJ on MST ultra c.JPGCellMembra-mini in HSF-W.JPGConnection on pn 22270.jpgD3C_2155.JPGESACT presentation CellMembra.jpg

Both 500 ml and 3,2 liter are very light weight P-SUBs.

We encourage you to take advantage of the modular system for liquid as well as electrical heating. Handling and stability is improved.