• Item 1
    Continuous processing at 150 mio cell/ml
  • Item 2
    Continuous processing at high cell density
  • Item 3
    Advanced structure for continuous processing
  • Item 4
    Continuous processing in scaffold
  • Item 5
    Continuous processing at KTH
  • Item 6
    Continuous processing at KTH
  • Item 7
  • Item 8
    Pump for continuous processing
  • Item 9
    Continuous processing in small scale

Bioreactor, pump and Hollow-Fiber-Filter pre-assembled and bagged

Single-Use-Bioreactor integrating Single-Use-Pump, Single-Use-Sensor's and Hollow-Fiber-Filter module operating in perfusion mode.

Perfusion SUB for expression in any design you can imagine

Customizable SUB scalable 0,5 - 10 litre VV for cultivation of various mammalian cell lines in perfusion or continuous mode for expression.

Perfusion SUB containing scaffold harboring mammalian cells

SUB for cultivation of 150 mio cells/mL mammalian suspension or adherent cells in 3D scaffold. CellCore platform concept scalable in 1:1,000 ratio