4 - 10 liter Perfusion-SUB

World largest sized P-SUB for perfusion integrating O-SUP, HFF and SUS

PerfuseCell next step in planning are:

  • 4-10 liter Working Volume in the 13 liter Vessel Volume P-SUB

Circulation of broth to be driven by the Clio-300 diaphragm One-way-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP). This unique P-SUB will work with any PCS. Be part of the development together with our unique team!

Features for the CellMembra-13000 size P-SUB:

  • Rigid mono component PolyCarbonate
  • Vessel dimension: OD 200 x 445 mm
  • Multiple drive options:
    1. Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for selectable servo motor drive
    2. Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for selectable servo motor drive
  • Multiple impellers (and turbines):
    • Two elephant ear impeller, OD 100 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom, 120 mm between
    • One Rushton OD 100 mm turbine, one OD 90 mm pitch blade impeller, 120 mm separated