Thermal control of bioreactor's

PerfuseCell offer a range of unique Re-Usable product's for thermal control according to vessel size

500 ml sizes - CellMembra and CellRetention

  1. Electrical rigid Heating-Support-Foot covering 45 mm of the vessel bottom
  2. Water born rigid Heating-Support-Foot covering 45 mm of the vessel bottom 

3.200 ml sizes - CellMembra, CellRetention and CellTernate

  1. Electrical flexible heating blanket covering either 75 or 150 mm of the vessel from bottom
  2. Electrical rigid jacket (Heating-Support-Foot) covering only 50 mm of the vessel bottom
  3. Water borne rigid Re-Usable-Jacket covering, encapsulating the SUB completely (RUJ)


3 litre SUB in RUJ on MST ultra c.JPGCellMembra-mini in HSF-W.JPGConnection on pn 22270.jpgD3C_2155.JPGESACT presentation CellMembra.jpg

Remember - both 500 and 3200 sizes are very light weight vessel's

We encourage you to take advantage of the modular system for liquid as well as electrical thermal control. The rigid Heating-Support-Foot improves handling and stability vastly.