Electrical jacket 500

The best thermal control of 500 ml vessel's

Heating-Support-Foot (HSF) for 500 ml vessel allowing perfect thermal control of small volumes less than 200 ml. Fits both CellMembra-500 and CellRetention-500 P-SUBs. Integrated electrical cartridge heating element. Choose 110 VAC or 230 VAC supply. You may need an adaptor cable for connection to your PCS.

1 - Model HSF-E-230 for OD 82 vessel. 2 – Stack of model HSF-E-xxx shown with IEC C14 male plug. 3 – HSF-E mounted on MST-Compact precision oriented by the white SSS. White plastic body on HSF-E houses the internal power connection and the important ground connection for safety.

Response time for electrical heating is a 20 degree Celsius lift is approximately 10 minutes. So if you start at 18°C it takes 7-8 minutes to reach 37°C.

Nice little setup based on HSF-E-230 on the MST including a CellMembra-500.

HSF-E product for P-SUB-500 include several safety features:

  • 3 wire cable with ground careful installed from power plug to aluminium body - MUST be used with ground at end-user site!
  • Integrated thermal protection, which cut of at 55°C and connect again at 35°C. NOT for cultivation purposes – only for equipment and personal protection!
  • Thermally isolated from MST (we strongly suggest to cover the SUB with bobble foil and avoid its naked!)
  • Special version available for 48 VDC power supply equipped with male M12-4 leg connector
  • Weight 1,4 kilo
  • Fulfil the Low-Voltage-Directive (LVD) (2014/35/EU)
  • CE marked

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