CellMembra-3200 Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor

Hi again, allow me to inform more about upstream Continuous Processing

Single-Use upstream Continuous Processing see ever increasing international interest. Missing is though the 100% pre-assembled and ready to use Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor. The high-level SUB integrate the customizable Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor (P-SUB) with the high precision unique Clio diaphragm Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) and Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) with the single-use Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF).

CellMembra on top of Clotho Drive unit.

SUB with 5 x PG13,5 ports for pre-installed sensor’s and visible one of many impellers.

SUB fitting in guide foot on the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table driven by any servo motor.

CellMembraTM comprises a configurable P-SUB optimized for R&D. From the SUB the integrated diaphragm O-SUP sucks and force the broth along the Hollow-Fibre-Filter (HFF). The permeate pass through the HFF membrane as harvest and the retentate is returned to the SUB. Pre-installed high-quality Single-Use-Sensor’s for DO and pH measurements fits any Process-Control-System. Even single-use bio-mass sensor is possible since 2017. 

More info here http://perfusecell.com/products/cellmembra-perfusion-sub/cellmembra-medium/

Super compact and dual channel Clotho Drive Unit from http://perfusecell.com/products/clotho-drive-unit-for-p-sub

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