Single-Use DO sensor's

Pre-installed DO Single-Use-Sensor

For the DO (Dissolved Oxygen) sensor the SUW (Single-Use-Well) is integrated along with assembling of P-SUBs before bagging and subsequent E-beam irradiation. Dry storage capability is 18 month on SUW components stored below 20° and with no UV light exposure.

  • CellMembra-500 and CellRetention-500 are both pre-installed with VisiWell (too small vessel for PolarWell)
  • CellMembra 3200 through 13000, CellRetention 3200 through 13000 pre-installed selectable with either VisiWell or PolarWell

VisiWell™ for simple use with the VisiFerm™ optical oxygen sensor range 0-300 % saturated.


  • In-house manufactured and installed VisiWell non-invasive Single-Use-Well (SUW) with the unique optical active black spot on the polymer end-cap.
  • The user insert their own re-useable VisiFerm™ DO RUS (without Stainless Steel end-cap) into the non-invasive SUW.
  • VisiWell™ format is for standard PG 13.5 x 120 or 225 or 320 or 420 model VisiFerm RUS.

The observant viewer do notice that the SS end-cap on VisiFerm is removed and the optical black spot is now visible on the VisiWell.

VisiFerm™ optical DO Re-Usable-Sensor (RUS) is available in the analogue version and the digital ARC version.

Here shown model 120 and model 225 and both with VP8 connector. (even the model 225 sensor is named 225 the actual length is 215 mm!)



PolarWell™ for simple use with most brands of Polarographic, Ampheometric principle DO sensors.


  • In-house manufactured and installed PolarWell non-invasive Single-Use-Well (SUW) with a unique semi-permeable silicone membrane on the tube end. 
  • Insert your own DO Re-Useable-Sensor into the non-invasive SUW. 
  • No extra liquid is needed. No removal of sensor cap is required. 
  • PolarWell™ format is for standard PG 13.5 x 120 or 220 or 320 mm size DO RUS.


Polarographic DO RUS with typical the 4 wire T82 / D4 classical type of connector. An adapter from T82 / D4 to VP12 is available.


Re-Useable-Sensor (RUS) of relevant use / appear as standard when installed in the PolarWell:

  • Mettler-Toledo InPro 6800 family
  • Broadley-James OxyProbe family
  • Hamilton OxyFerm family

Remember to remove O-ring and possible seal rings on Polarographic, Ampheometric DO RUS. O-rings and/or plastic washer will prohibit correct sensor installment.

NO INFLUENCE on sensor response time !