100-250 ml Working Volume P-SUB designed for the Clotho drive unit

Smallest Perfusion-SUB we currently offer is 500 ml Vessel Volume with dimension OD 82 x 120 mm. Combined with the Clio-30 O-SUP for one-way broth flow path, and 0,2 µm pore Hollow-Fiber-Filter module (HFF). Quite advanced with both pH and DO and bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor's all of classical signal.

From left: 1 - Illustration show relevant fluid schematics with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive P-SUB, controlled diaphragm SUP and CFF. 2 – Complete setup for CellMembra-mini in Heating-Support-Foot driven by Clotho-1 controller and air / vacuum Alagonia pumps / Sarpedon reservoir.

CAD rendered illustrations show complete and ready to use CellMembra-mini P-SUB with one pitch blade impeller. 4 port for VisiWell, OneFerm, PICO biomass and Suction Trunk connecting the Clio-30 diaphragm SUP. 

From left: 1 – Shown mounted with pre-installed OneFerm pH and VisiFerm inserted into the VisiWell. 2 - The red Laser sensor for on-line measuring the position of the diaphragm and hereby full control of both velocity and volume via Clotho Drive Unit. 

SUB for the cultivation:

  • Configurable design – if you have special request to impeller design and hose configuration
  • Agitation via Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) mounted on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • Electrical heating or water jacket thermal control integrated within the Heating-Support-Foot (HSF)

HFF – harvest continuously a cell free permeate. Choose from one of your preferred HFF suppliers, such as:

We pre-install whichever HFF you want. We can even install two HFF in parallel – each with valves for choice of use.

Clio-30 O-SUP = One-way-Single-Use-Pump:

  • The diaphragm O-SUP integrate two passive one-way valves guiding the direction of broth flow. The O-SUP valve body receive broth from the SUB, the O-SUP force the feedstock through the HFF, after which the retentate is returned to the SUB and permeate pass the HFF membrane as harvest
  • Clio-30 O-SUP is integrated with both the SUB and HFF (Clio is in principle identical to the Euterpe SUP)
  • Clio-30 take advantage of the re-usable Laser sensor supported in the Laser-Foot-Clio
  • The Laser sensor measures in real-time and with high precision the position of the diaphragm so broth velocity and volume calculation can be performed by Clotho
  • Programmable Clio-30 can pump any Cardiac Volume - see spec - and from 0 to +10 m/sec velocity through the HFF module

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor's - pre-installed as standard:

  1. Port occupied by VisiWell for the VisiFerm 120 mm size DO sensor digital or analogue signal
  2. Port occupied by FermProbe pH PG 13,5 x 120 classical analogue signal via S8 connector
  3. Port occupied by Futura-PICO capacitance bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor
  4. Port occupied by the Suction Trunk (broth out & retentate return to Clio) including level sensor for dual 2 mm banana plugs

SUB – perfusion controlled by the Clotho Drive Unit:

  • CellMembra™ Perfusion-SUB work excellent with most Process-Control-Systems (PCS)
  • CellMembra broth circulation is performed by Clio O-SUP
  • O-SUP Drive Unit, named Clotho, is designed to handle one or two Clio-30 Single-Use-Pump's and ensure efficient and reproducible operation
  • From Clotho programmable feedstock velocity and volume through HFF module for harvest and for removal of membrane deposits is easy to setup
  • Connection to compact pressurized air and vacuum unit's like the Alagonia and Sarpedon - if you don't have in lab pressurized air and vacuum

World smallest perfusion SUB able to be operated by most PCS.

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