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A fair amount of information has been released on the PerfuseCell website. Divided with detailed info under Products and comprehensive info under Support. If you have further questions please contact us and we shall look into your requests.

The above photo with sketches and components gives you an idea about our design work and the materials we use.

PerfuseCell's back-up group - developed in the 90ties a patented concept and manufacturing method of world largest one-piece ceramic Cross-Flow-Filter carrier's (OD 144 x L 865 mm) with 13 m2 surface area for 200 nm pore membrane. Able to handle large broth volumes with a range of viscosities, particle sizes and dry mass. Unique with respect to retentate velocity, trans-membrane-pressure, permeate pressure, fouling, selective separation, filter cake, deposits control, pore size, and much more. This adventure became the background for the three different product groups: CellMembra™ - CellRetention™ - CellTernate™ of PerfuseCell.

Further Stobbe Group was faced with limitations in peristaltic hose pump performance. As well as limitations of traditional diaphragms pumps. The product development became the spin-off company from which PerfuseCell source the patented, advanced Clio Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) and Thalia Single-Use-Exchange (A-SUE) diaphragm technology both driven by the Clotho Drive Unit.

Please be advised that PerfuseCell seek to avoid paper documentation in order to comply with environmental movements to "go green". You will find plenty of on-line documentation on

Per Stobbe – written May 2016 and still relevant 2022!