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Accessories specific for 500 ml / OD 82 mm mini P-SUBs

All equipment is fully interchangeable. Very few components are specific. Most parts fits both CellMembra and CellRetention P-SUBs. The 500 ml P-SUB vessel measure OD 82 mm. MST and choice of drive adapters for agitation fits any servo motor.


Product description, MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity

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White nylon Laser-Support-Clio (LSC-30) with brackets to be mounted on CellMembra-mini O-SUP model Clio-30 for accurate orientation of the red Laser sensor, MOQ: 2 unit




Black nylon Laser-Foot-Thalia (LFT-30) with brackets for Thalia-30 A-SUE to be arranged next to CellRetention-mini. For support of Thalia-30 and for accurate orientation of the red Laser sensor, MOQ: 2 unit



White nylon stand-alone Laser-Foot-Clio (LFC-30) with mechanical support for accurate orientation of the red Laser sensor, MOQ: 2 unit



Heating-Support-Foot (HSF 2262-W) for 500 ml mini SUB requiring conveyed liquid from an external supply for thermal control. Aluminium construction with ID82 x OD137 mm. HSF fit into the white POM SUB-Support-Square (SSS) foot pn 2259-137-15. SSS to be bolted onto the MST 2250-U-8-x. This HSF-W includes 2 x G3/8" threaded 10 mm barbs and 2 x Rectus-21 couplings. MOQ: 1 unit. 



Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-2262-E-???) for 500 ml P-SUB. Includes 75 watt integrated electrical cartridge heating element. Choose between: 048 VDC (M12/4 LEG male) or 110 VAC or 230 VAC (both IEC C14 cable connector). Like 2262-E-110 for use in USA. Aluminium construction with OD 137 mm to fit into the white POM SUB-Support-Square foot pn 2259-137-15. MOQ: 1 unit



Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST Compact with 8 magnets) including adaptor for your specific servo motor. Choose between: A = Applikon (ID25-A), B = Biostat (ID39-B), D = DasGip (ID30-D). Like pn 2250-C-8-A. Includes as shown the white POM SUB-Support-Square foot (pn 2259-137-15). MOQ: 1 unit