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Accessories specific for 3.200 ml / OD 137 mm P-SUBs

All equipment is internally interchangeable. Most parts fits both CellMembra and CellRetention and CellTernate P-SUBs. The 3.200 SUB vessel measure OD 137 mm. MST is the perfect choice for agitation and will fit any servo motor with the correct adaptor.


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White nylon stand-alone Laser-Foot-Clio (LFC-100) for Clio-100 O-SUP with internal mechanical brackets, support for accurate orientation of the red Laser sensor, MOQ: 1 unit



  Black nylon stand-alone Laser-Foot-Thalia (LFT-100) for Thalia-100 A-SUE with internal mechanical brackets, support for accurate orientation of the red Laser sensor, MOQ: 1 unit 72212 330 
Heating-Support-Foot-E for  the OD 137 mm P-SUBs. Includes integrated 150 watt electrical cartridge heating elements. Rotary switch for 110 VAC or 230 VAC supply. Mounted with IEC C14 Panel Mount male socket. Square shaped aluminum construction to be bolted onto MST Standard or MST Compact. Weight 1,900 grams. MOQ: 1 unit 42966-E 3,850
  Silicone heating blanket for vessel size OD 137. Blanket rated at 230 VAC delivering 75 watt. Dimension 75 x 350 mm with 1,5 meter connection cabling. Supplied with IEC C14 male plug and clamping springs. 42940 550
  Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST Compact) including adapter for the specific servo motor - choose between: A = Applikon (ID25-A), B = Biostat (ID39-B), D = DasGip (ID30-D). Shown white POM SUB-Support-Square foot. MOQ: 1 unit 42500-C-8-x 4,400
SUB-Support-Square (SSS) foot - made from POM plastics to be bolted onto any of the 3 MST sizes. Select relevant inner diameter: 110 or 137 mm. Two heights available being 15 or 35 mm. 42510 550
  Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ - liquid heating and cooling) for HPD driven P-SUBs. Available only for OD 137 x 225 mm height. Stand-alone model. Designed for the most popular size OD 137 mm P-SUB. MOQ: 1 unit 42800-137-225 3,200
  Pre-assembled and fully tested set of one RUJ mounted on MST. Available only for SUB OD137 x 225 mm. Designed for liquid thermal control of the most popular 3,2 liter P-SUBs. MOQ: 1 unit 42810-137-225 and 42500-C-8-x  7,600