80 - 200 ml Perfusion-SUB

Mini P-SUB mag-HPD with O-SUP, HFF, SUS for DASbox

World only Perfusion-SUB for TFF operation method offer

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) fouling free process with innovative diaphragm pump
  • 80 – 200 ml Working Volume fully pre-assembled P-SUB
  • Circulation of broth by Clio-V30 diaphragm OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP)

General features of CellMembra™ mini P-SUB designed for DASbox

  • Based on the BioBLU 0.3 batch SUB designed with magnetic HPD for the DASbox
  • Fully programmable re-circulated broth volume and velocity, accurately measured and repeatable – no guessing
  • Repligen HFF with pore 0.2 µm, 14 x 1.0 mm straw/lumen, 88 cm2 area, Luer-Lok side ports, (D02-P20U-10-N)
  • The complete and pre-assembled P-SUB unit packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated – forget the autoclave
  • P-SUB dim OD 76 x 120 mm for Working Volume (WV) ranging from 80 ml up to 200 ml though SUS dependent
  • Thermal control, agitation, aeration, etc as offered by DASbox
  • Clotho communicate via OPC-UA with DASware

Left photo show two standard BioBLU 0.3 batch SUBs and two BioBLU 0.3 converted to CellMembra-300 P-SUBs. Center photo one CellMembra-300 with the blue head plate and visible the early Clio-V30. Right photo CellMembra-300 on steel trolley showing various SUS.

Further P-SUB mini features:

  • Comes with Magnetic HPD as to the DASbox spec
  • One std BioBLU pitch blade impeller
  • 3 small diameter weldable hoses length 600 mm (upgraded from the 100 mm std)
  • 1 short hose with 5 cm2 sterile filter for aeration
  • 1 short hose with swabable valve for bottom sampling
  • 1 exhaust hose with 16 cm2 sterile filter

The CellMembra-300 heavily equipped with an extensive assembly. Example of how 8 x CellMembra-300 P-SUBs in parallel inserted into the DASbox / Bioblock (for OD 76 mm SUBs). To be operated, controlled by dual Clotho towers and DASware. The pressurized air and vacuum delivered by dual Alagonia and one Sarpedon for each tower.