100 - 250 ml ATF Perfusion-SUB

Mini size CellRetention keep HFF free from fouling


World only P-SUB for ATF method offer:

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) fouling free process with innovative diaphragm pump
  • 100 – 250 ml Working Volume fully pre-assembled P-SUB
  • Alternating of broth by Thalia-M80 diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Pump (A-SUP)

Industry leading architecture P-SUB pre-installed with:

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) with Luer-Lock connection of your choice
  • Ground-breaking Laser controlled diaphragm Single-Use-Pump (SUP)
  • Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) for DO, pH, bio-mass, temp, level

Right photo show with VisiFerm installed the position of the VisiWell (VisiFerm not included). Center photo P-SUB mounted in Heating-Support-Foot. The HSF helps stabilize the un-balanced weight distribution and improve temperature accuracy. Red Laser sensor mounted in a Re-Usable-Bracket above the dome of the Thalia-M80 A-SUP. Clotho controllers require only the cable to the Laser sensor and the blue pneumatic hose to drive the Thalia A-SUP. Right photo show vertical arranged Thalia directly coupled to the HFF for minimum dead volume.

General features of CellRetention-500 P-SUB:

  • No space consuming servo motor attached to the head plate - take advantage of Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD)
  • Designed with 4 x head plate ports and 6 ports for In&Out with small diameter hoses in weldable length 
  • Exchanged broth volume fully programmable and obtained velocity all accurately measured – no guessing
  • HFF with pore 0.2 µm, 14 x 1.0 mm PES straw/lumen, ?? cm2 area, Luer-Lok ports, (D0?-P20U-10-N)
  • The complete and pre-assembled P-SUB unit packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated – forget the autoclave
  • SUB dimension is OD82 x 120 mm for Working Volume (WV) ranging from 100 ml up to 250 ml
  • Thermal control either electrical or water – Heating-Support-Foot available for 110 VAC and for 230 VAC

Further P-SUB size 500 features:

  • Comes with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for up to 250 RPM on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • Pitch blade impeller - you an choose blade design, number blades, angle, diameter, etc
  • 2 x small diameter weldable hoses length 600 mm
  • 1 x small short hose with 5 cm2 sterile filter for aeration via a 20 µm micro porous sparger body
  • 1 x small short hose with swabable valve for bottom sampling
  • 1 x exhaust hose with 16 cm2 sterile filter 
  • Need for liquid thermal control = Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-W)
  • Need for electrical thermal control = Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-E-voltage)

DO, pH, PICO, level SUS mounted in the 4 port head plate. If needed the otherwise standalone Thalia A-SUP can fixed to the P-SUB headplate. Thalia is scalable from 60 ml Working Volume P-SUB and up to production size. The small size M80 with Luer-Lock outlet on the right side.

The 4 available head plate ports are used for:

  1. One port occupied by OneFerm or FermProbe pH Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) S8 classical signal
  2. One port occupied by VisiWell Single-Use-Well (SUW) designed for VisiFerm (RUS) 120 mm DO sensor
  3. One port occupied by PICO bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor vertical mounted - according to availability from ABER
  4. One port occupied by SuctionTunk with siphon tube and selectable ml level sensor (100, 150, 200, 250 ml) for PCS connection