80 - 150 ml Perfusion-SUB

AMBR mini P-SUB with SUP, HFF for Sartorius Modular PCS

Perfusion-SUBs for ATF operation method offers:

  • Fouling free HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) perfusion process
  • Innovative LASER guided Single-Use-Pump (SUP) diaphragm pump
  • Outstanding Clotho software - stand-alone or OPC-UA connected
  • 80 – 150 ml Working Volume with AMBR SUB
  • Pre-assembled assembly with SUP, deep tube and HFF as needed

Clotho drive unit integrates pressures, vacuum, volume sensors eliminating the need for external sensors for TMP, pressure drop, flow measurements.

Clotho process software controls accurately the stroke volume, the number of strokes, the allowed pressure drop along the HFF for fully automatic harvest and fully selectable fluid velocity for the sequential HFF cleaning eliminating HFF blockage.


Left photo show two AMBR SUBs connected to short and long HFF and the LASER guided Thalia SUP next to the Clotho drive unit. Center photo the Modular Process-Control-System (PCS). The right photo shows one AMBR connected via a hose to HFF on top of Thalia with the red LASER sensor under the SUP. Note the is NO flow restricting Luer-Loc in the broth path for lowest possible shear stress.

General features of CellRetention combined with the 250 ml AMBR SUB

  • AMBR batch SUB process controlled by the Sartorius Modular PCS
  • Thalia LASER guided Single-Use-Pump controlled independent by outstanding Clotho software
  • Alternating broth volume and velocity fully programmable, accurately measured and fully repeatable – no process guessing
  • Direct-Fit HFF with 0.2 µm pore and length from 200 to 600 mm eliminating shear stress caused by Luer-Loc fittings
  • The complete and pre-assembled P-SUB packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated – forget the autoclave