2 - 10 liter ATF Perfusion SUB

Medium size CellRetention keep HFF free from fouling


World only P-SUB for the ATF process offer:

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) fouling free process with innovative diaphragm pump
  • 2 - 10 liter Working Volume fully pre-assembled P-SUB incl assembly of hoses and bottles
  • Alternating of broth by Thalia-TM140 diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Pump (A-SUP)

Industry leading architecture P-SUB pre-installed with:

  • HFF (Hollow-Fibre-Filter) with 1½” TRI-clamp connection of your choice (like N0?-P20U-10N)
  • Ground-breaking Laser controlled diaphragm Single-Use-Pump (SUP) - Thalia A-SUP
  • Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) for DO, pH, bio-mass, temp, level, conductivity

The A-SUP TM140 is standing safely on a 3 leg SSF foot next to the Clotho Drive Unit. The red LASER sensor for real-time measuring the position of the diaphragm visible under the A-SUP. Hereby full control of velocity and selected exchange volume. Full kit of P-SUB 13000 with InCyte bio-mass, Thalia TM140 and LASER.

SUB - for cultivation (the SUB is sourced from sister company CerCell)

  • 100% configurable design for the 13 liter Vessel Volume (VV) - Working Volume (WV) as low as 2-4 liter in a OD 200 x 445 mm PC vessel
  • Agitation from bottom by Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) driven by the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • Agitation from top, Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) and any type and number of impellers as an option
  • Choose from 750 pre-defined impellers and turbines

SUB - Thermal Control

  • Electrical blanket heating - wrap orange silicone blanket around
  • Electrical Jacket heating combined with with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive - metal foot also for stability
  • Water Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for heating/cooling even combined with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MST)

HFF – harvest semi-continuous a cell free permeate

PerfuseCell as standard offer a dry stored 0.2 µm pore size HFF. You can though choose from one of your preferred HFF suppliers. We pre-install whichever HFF you want. Only one HFF is needed - parallel setup not needed - as the A-SUP keep the HFF clean.

Thalia-TM140 A-SUP = Alternating-Single-Use-Pump

  • The diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Pump (A-SUP) exchange back and forth broth from the SUB through the HFF at selected velocities
  • The high precision Laser sensor measures in real-time and accurate the position of the diaphragm so broth velocity and exchanged volume calculation can be performed
  • Thalia-TM140 will exchange any volume within its spec programmable from 0.1 to +10 m/sec velocity through the HFF securing the HFF stay clean throughout the process
  • Thalia exchange equally well gas or liquids or any mix

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor's to choose from

  • CellRetention™ features pre-installed 420 mm long SUS for DO, pH, level/ground as standard
  • Also available with InCyte bio-mass SUS mounted horizontal at the bottom of the 13 liter SUB
  • Completely eliminate the need for components sterilized in conventional autoclave

From left seen InCyte patch installed on SUB and the InCyte ARC modules attached. Center shows some of the 600 different impellers to choose from. Left an example of a SUB with an extensive assembly of hoses and bottles.

A-SUP – Thalia operated by both Clotho and Lachesis Drive Unit

  • CellRetention™ P-SUB and Clotho dual channel coupled together works with any PCS over OPC-UA and software like Lucullus, DeltaV and DasWare
  • CellRetention™ P-SUB and Lachesis works with any PCS over OPC-UA and software like Lucullus, DeltaV and DasWare
  • Drive Unit Lachesis designed to control the Thalia Single-Use-Pump ensure efficient and reproducible operation
  • From Lachesis programmable broth/retentate velocity and volume through HFF module for harvest and for removal of potential membrane deposits
  • Connection to pressurized air and vacuum within your lab