Single-Use-Bioreactor for expression of proteins

Hi again, once again I can present a world first 

CellMembraTM is a world first family of single-use Pulsating-Tangential-Flow (PTF = next step after ATF). We have combined a mini Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB), a Cross-Flow-Filter (CFF) and a Single-Use-Pump (SUP). This size is designed for 100-400 ml Working Volume of mammalian cell cultivation operating at high cell density like +80 mio/cells/ml. Includes all the expected component, fully pre-assembled, fully single-use …. ready to use right out of the box. 


CellMembraTM comprises a configurable SUB optimized for use in single or in various parallel applications. From the SUB the integrated diaphragm SUP sucks and force the broth along the CFF hollow fibres. The permeate pass through the CFF membrane and retentate returning to the SUB. High quality Single-Use-Sensors for DO and pH measurements can be chosen. One last beauty is that CellMembra fits any Process-Control-System. 

More CellMembra info here  

Drive Unit "Clotho" from PerfuseCell


With kind regards from
Per Stobbe