500 ml sized SUB designed for the Clotho drive unit

Smallest P-SUB we currently offer is 500 ml VV with SUB dimension OD 82 x 120 mm. Combined with the Clio-30 SUP for recirculating the broth, and 0,2 µm pore hollow fiber membrane module (CFF). Quite advanced with both pH and DO Single-Use-Sensor's of classical signal.

From left: 1 - Illustration show relevant fluid schematics with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive P-SUB, controlled diaphragm SUP and CFF. 2 – Complete setup for CellMembra-mini in Heating-Support-Foot driven by Clotho-1 controller and air / vacuum Alagonia pumps / Sarpedon reservoir.
CAD rendered illustrations show complete and ready to use 4 port CellMembra-mini P-SUB with one pitch blade impeller, VisiWell and OneFerm and Suction Trunk and the Clio-30 diaphragm SUP. One free port for like bio-mass sensor.
From left: 1 – Shown mounted with pre-installed OneFerm pH and VisiFerm inserted into the VisiWell. 2 - The red Laser sensor for on-line measuring the position of the diaphragm and hereby full control of both velocity and volume via Clotho Drive Unit.

SUB for the cultivation:

  • Configurable design – if you have special request to impeller design and hose configuration
  • Agitation via Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • Electrical heating or water jacket thermal control integrated within the Heating-Support-Foot (HSF)

CFF – harvest continuously a cell free permeate. Choose from one of your preferred CFF suppliers, such as:

We pre-install whichever CFF you want. We can even install two CFF in parallel – each with valves for choice of use.                            

Clio-30 – Single-Use-Pump - SUP:

  • The diaphragm Single-Use-Pump (SUP) integrate two passive one-way valves guiding the direction of broth flow. The SUP valve body receive broth from the SUB and the SUP convey broth to the CFF, after which the retentate is returned to the SUB.
  • Clio-30 SUP is integrated with the SUB and CFF (Clio is identical to the Euterpe SUP)
  • Clio-30 take advantage of the re-usable Laser sensor support of Clotho
  • The high precision Laser sensor measures in real-time and accurate the position of the diaphragm so broth velocity and volume calculation can be performed by Clotho
  • Clio-30 can pump any volume ranging from 0 to 750 ml/min (Cardiac Output) and from 0 to 10 m/s velocity through the hollow fiber module

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor's - pre-installed as standard:

  1. Port occupied by VisiWell for the VisiFerm 120 mm size DO sensor digital or analogue signal
  2. Port occupied by FermProbe pH PG 13,5 x 120 classical analogue signal via S8 connector
  3. Port occupied by the Suction Trunk (broth out & return to Clio) including level sensor for dual 2 mm banana plugs
  4. Free port for one more sensor - like the InCyst biomass sensor

P-SUB – perfusion controlled by the Clotho Drive Unit:

  • CellMembra™ P-SUB work excellent with most Process-Control-Systems (PCS)
  • CellMembra broth re-circulation is performed by Clio SUP
  • P-SUB drive unit, named Clotho, is designed to handle one or two Clio-30 Single-Use-Pump's and ensure efficient and reproducible operation
  • From Clotho programmable broth/retentate velocity and volume through CFF module for harvest and for removal of membrane deposits is easy to setup
  • Connection to compact pressurized air and vacuum unit's like the Alagonia and Sarpedon - if you don't have in lab pressurized air and vacuum