Unique Clotho Drive Unit's for CellMembra P-SUB

Drive of Clio Single-Use-Pump’s integrated with CellMembra 

The portfolio of CellMembra SUBs are all driven by the the Clotho software for super accurate control and comprehensive data acquisition. The Clotho Drive Unit is able to control one or two CellMembra P-SUBs over distances up to 2 meter with very high accuracy.

Product, model name

Clotho-1 (mono / single channel)

Clotho-2 (stereo / dual channel)

Method of control

PID & proportional valves

PID & proportional valves

Purpose of control

1 x Single-Use-Pump cell

2 x Single-Use-Pump cell’s


Single channel (mono) control station for one CellMembra integrating the Single-Use-Pump named Clio. 


Dual channel (stereo) control station for independent drive of two CellMembra integrating the Single-Use-Pump named Clio. 


D3C_1376.JPGD3C_1480.JPGLachasis-1 + laser + PS.JPGLachesis-2 as delivered.JPGSarpedon 2017 with valve.jpgtwo Sarpedon one ready.JPG

Clotho require air/vacuum supply for drive of the Clio pump cell's. You may have pressurized air and vacuum in your lab. If not available then the units below may be of help.


Hephaestus U2 cabinet integrating one dual diaphragm pump supplying either pressurized air or vacuum for drive of Clotho


Hephaestus U2 cabinet integrating two separate 1 litre metal storage chambers. Connects to Alagonia for pressure / vacuum wave absorption.