Drive system's for P-SUBs

Drive system's for perfusion cultivation 

PerfuseCell offer a range of drive system's / agitation systems to be combined with the P-SUB.

  • Adapter’s for a variety of servo motor brand's
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table is optimized for P-SUB agitation combined with thermal systems  

pn 2254 Kollmorgen adaptor.jpgD3C_1965.JPGHSF on MST standard.JPGMST ultra compact for 3 litre SUB.JPGpn 2253 - MagMotor C21 to ID39-B adapter kit .JPG

Mounting P-SUB's on the MST gives improved handling, much better stability, more space on head plate for sensor access, no risky seals on a rotating axle, vastly reduced contamination risk.