CellTank Continuous Cultivation


This newsletter is all about Continues Processing

Mimic the natural circumstances for mammalian cells during Continuous Cultivation inside a scaffold. Harbouring 150 mio/cells/ml require good understanding of material science and fluid dynamics. CellTank is an all disposable device designed for laboratory-scale expression of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic bio molecules.

Please find some interesting articles from Journal of Biotechnology 2015 at this link http://perfusecell.com/download/references/

Harbour cells close to each other in the CellCore network of envelopes for zero media gradients. Improve specific productivity and simultaneously cultivate at very high cell density like 50% concentration of tissue. Operates under genuine continues cultivation with steady-state conditions for 1-2 month.

CellTank integrates the patented CellCore flow dynamics principle and is scalable 1:1,000. Contains various Single-Use-Sensors and PumpCell technologies that enable processing of adherent as well as suspension cells in a fully closed system.

More information is available at www.perfusecell.com

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