2 liter P-SUB integrating Hollow-Fiber-Filter and ATF broth exchanger

Missing complete pre-assembled Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor´s (P-SUB) for your Repligen ATF-2 setup? For your Alternating-Tangential-Flow (ATF) concept you can get all in one package - the integrated Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB), the diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger (A-SUE) with single-use Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) and Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS).

Here it is – the third variant of our WORLD FIRST package of all parts in a complete pre-packed, irradiated and ready to use Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor.

CellTernate-2 P-SUB driven by C-24 controller from Repligen®

Combines single-use Aglaea 2,5” A-SUE with the HFF, the 400 - 2.000 ml Working-Volume (WV) SUB, and SUS designed for perfusion all in one package. The Aglaea A-SUE fits right onto the stainless steel ATF-2 diaphragm foot. The SUP consists of a PolyCarbonate dome with a 3/4” sanitary flange and the dome shaped silicone diaphragm adhered to the PC dome flange. Sanitary 3/4” flanges on both ends of the HFF connects to A-SUE and SUB.

One example of P-SUB hardware installation on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) in this example with Applikon type of servo motor adapter. The 400 mm long, 75 straw HFF model T04-P20U-10-N is from Spectrum. The A-SUE is model Aglaea-100 based on the 2,5" sanitary flange dimension.

SUB - for cultivation:

  • 100% configurable design for the 0,4 - 2 liter Working Volume (WV) 
  • Agitation from bottom by Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) driven by the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) (pn 2250-U-8-x)

CellTernate-2 can be configured the way you prefer - we do suggest:

  • Supplied with pH SUS and DO SUW (VisiWell or PolarWell) – connect cables and insert DO Re-Usable-Sensor (RUS) - limit need for assembling in LAF bench – less contamination risks 
  • Alternatively with three baffles of width 10 mm x thickness 4 mm – if you have other requirements – tell us
  • Agitation by the Aero drive combined Kidney impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 30 degrees, clock wise rotation and up flow mounted 50 mm from the bottom – if you have other requirements – tell us

SUB - Thermal Control

  • Electrical blanket heating - wrap the orange silicone blanket around the SUB - traditional
  • Electrical jacket heating - Heating-Support-Foot (HSF - pn: 2266-E) integrated with the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) - the HSF adds important stability and ease in use - best choice
  • Water Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for heating/cooling even combined with the Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MST)

HFF – harvest semi-continuous a cell free permeate

PerfuseCell as standard offer to pre-install a dry stored 0,2 µm pore size HFF. You can choose from any one of your preferred HFF suppliers. We pre-install whichever HFF you want. We can even install two HFF in parallel – each with a manual valve for choice of use.

Aglaea-100 = A-SUE = ATF-Single-Use-Exchanger

  • The Aglaea diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger (A-SUE) exchange back and forth (reciprocate) broth from the SUB through the HFF - direct replacement
  • The A-SUE fits onto the re-usable stainless steel ATF-2 foot - direct replacement
  • The A-SUE dimension is identical to ATF-2 stainless steel setup - direct replacement

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor's to choose from:

  • CellTernate™ features pre-installed 225 mm long pH SUS and DO Single-Use-Well, level/ground as standard
  • Also available with Futura PICO bio-mass SUS mounted horizontal at the bottom of the vessel (in the optional Low-Rider bottom port)
  • Pressure sensors from PendoTech where ever you want
  • Completely eliminate the need for components sterilized in conventional autoclave

Supplied fully assembled packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated - simple to use