DO Hamilton

Re-usable-Sensors (SUS) in Single-Use-Well

Hamilton manufacture the VisiFerm™ optical oxygen sensor with 0-300% saturated O2 range. PerfuseCell manufacture and install optionally (before bagging and E-beam irradiation) the non-invasive transparent Polycarbonate VisiWell with the unique optical active black spot.

The user insert their own re-usable VisiFerm™ DO sensor (without stainless-steel end-cap) into the non-invasive VisiWell. There is no contact between VisiFerm and the media. No autoclaving of VisiFerm is required insuring the sensor obtain a long and stable lifetime.

The two VisiFerm models wich fit the P-SUBs are model 120 and 220. Both analogue and digital (ARC) VisiFerm versions works.

Calibration according to Hamilton recommendations: - which is:

  • Insert VisiFerm in the VisiWell, fill P-SUB with media, maximum aeration specified for the P-SUB and calibrate traditional at 100% saturation.
  • Calibration of the VisiFerm with air, before media is filled in the P-SUB.

Hamilton product information focusing on the VisiFerm DO sensor. Click on thumbnail and download.