Alagonia-12 pump

Low noise pumps for vacuum

Stand-alone CE certified pump for continues operation. Vacuum source for drive of Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump's (SUPs) or Single-Use-Exchanger's (A-SUE) via Drive Unit's like Clotho, Atropos, Eirene, Lachesis and even the C24 controller. 

Product, model name



Vacuum source

Supply gas pressure, max


Rated pressure capacity, l/min/+ 1,0 bar


Supply vacuum pressure or better

0,1 bar absolute

Rated vacuum capacity, l/min/ + 0,6 Bar


one-touch couplings, for hose OD mm

Power supply, 50-60 Hz via IEC socket, VAC

selectable 115 or 230 

Power drawn, ampere

1,9 or 0,8 

Noise level, dBa


Hephaestus cabinet size

 U3 + 30 mm

Weight, kilo



Alagonia-12 hold one customized Vacuubrand Teflon diaphragm pump driven by a fixed RPM asynchronous motor. Operates at selectable 115 VAC/60 HZ or 230 VAC/50 Hz. Arranged inside the Hephaestus U3 cabinet where you will find 20 years of knowledge - we have in particular looked into and custom designed and manufactured:

  • exhaust gas transfer manifold with improved flow properties
  • extra large low velocity exhaust gas silencer
  • extra cabinet insulation
  • for temperature control two constant operating low noise axial fans

all for best possible performance and lowest possible noise level

Alagonia-12 pump features are all hidden inside the Hephaestus U3 Stainless Steel cabinet. No hoses or connections outside - clean look and easy to clean surfaces. This particular U3 cabinet is though 30 mm deeper than the Hephaestus standard. Chart show performance characteristics.


  • no USB port or RJ45 port
  • Power inlet via IEC C14 male socket for either 115 or 230 VAC supply selectable on Alagonia

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