0,4 - 2 liter CellTernate-2

Missing Perfusion-SUB for your in-house ATF-setup ?

Then take advantage of the CellTernate product integrating the Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) and diaphragm Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger (A-SUE) with single-use Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) and Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) – fits straight onto the ATF-2 stainless steel “pump” foot.

The missing part - WORLD FIRST all complete pre-packed, irradiated and ready to use Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor to be combined with your Repligen C-24 controller.

CellTernate-2 integrates SUB/A-SUE/HFF/SUS in one package

  • 3,2 liter Vessel Volume (VV) with 6 x PG 13,5 ports
  • 0,4 – 2,0 liter Working Volume (WV)
  • Integrated Single-Use-Sensor - OneFerm pH and VisiWell or PolarWell for your standard DO Re-Usable-Sensor's (RUS)
  • 3 free PG 13,5 port for other sensor's
  • A-SUE is Aglaea-100 to be controlled by the Repligen C-24 controller

Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger (A-SUE) driven by C-24 from Repligen®

Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger = 2,5” sanitary flange size A(TF)-SUE (pump) connected to the HFF and the HFF to the SUB. The Aglaea-100 A-SUE fits right onto your stainless steel ATF-2 “pump” foot. The A-SUE consists of: a PolyCarbonate dome with big sanitary flange, the silicone diaphragm adhered to the 2,5” flange, one on dome top 3/4" sanitary flange.

CellTernate-2 features

  • First class rigid mono component PolyCarbonate components
  • Dimension: OD 137 x 270 mm vessel
  • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for impeller integrated with Aero magnet motor
  • Elephant ear / Kidney impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with PolarWell or VisiWell for non-invasive DO RUS insert
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with polymeric pH Single-Use-Sensor with K9 connector
  • 3 x free / extra sensor ports PG 13,5
  • 1 x L-sparger macro or your preferred sparger
  • 1 x deep tube with 500 mm hose connected directly to HFF and Aglaea-100 A-SUE
  • 6 x small inner diameter 600 mm long weldable hoses for various inlet and outlets on head plate
  • 1 x bottom harvest with 600 mm long weldable hoses
  • 1 x exhaust with 2 x OD 60 mm sterile filters
  • 1 x port for thermo couple
  • Thermal control either electrical or with water - check out under Thermal Accessories

HFF - most often used with sanitary flange

  • Spectrum HFF with 0,2 µm pore, 14 x 1,0 mm straw/lumen, 290 cm2 area, Luer-Lok side ports, (T06-P20U-10-N)
  • Spectrum HFF with 0,2 µm pore, 75 x 1,0 mm straw/lumen, 980 cm2 area, 3/4" TC side ports, (S04-P20U-10-N)
  • GE filters

One example of supplied P-SUB hardware. HFF model T06-P20U-10-N. The A-SUE is model Aglaea-100. The trick is the single-use A-SUE replacing the Stainless Steel ATF-2 dome and diaphragm.

SUS - Single-Use-Sensor’s to choose from

  • One port for either PolarWell or VisiWell Single-Use-Well (SUW) for RUS
  • One port for OneFerm pH Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) S8 or VP socket, classical signal
  • PICO bio-mass sensor optional installed horizontal at bottom (then no RUJ)

Needed or nice to have re-usable accessories

  • Re-Usable electrical Heating-Support-Foot (HSF) to be bolted on the MST = very safe solution
  • Re-Usable elastic Electrical-Heating-Blanket (EHB dim 75 x 350 mm) = traditional setup
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) like the Compact model = any servo motor
  • SUB-Support-Square (SSS) for MST = use with Electrical-Heating-Blanket
  • If needed - converter kit for servo motor
  • If needed - Sterile-Filter-Heater (SFH)
  • Accessories to be found here - Accessory Products

Other features for the 3,2 litre P-SUB

  • Fully assembled P-SUB packed in dual film bags and precision irradiated - simple use.
  • Supplied with a range of Single-Use-Sensors – fast to setup.
  • Limited need for assembling the perfusion concept in LAF bench – less contamination risks
  • Three baffles of width 10 mm x thickness 4 mm if needed – tell us

More information about CellTernate P-SUB to be found under Support