CellTernate P-SUB for any Process-Control-System and C24

ATF ready Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor’s - series 32

CellTernate™ P-SUB concept cultivated mammalian cells at high cell density under semi-steady state conditions integrated with the Repligen ATF product and the Repligen widely used C24 controller. P-SUB all single-use, pre-assembled and ready to use right out of a bag.


CellTernate-2 Aglaea SUE on foot.jpgCellTernate-2 on MST and foot.jpgCellTernate-2-HFF75-MST.jpgDressed up Aglaea A-SUE.jpgNaked Aglaea A-SUE.jpg

Shown some CellTernate P-SUB relevant photos. Fully pre-assembled with Single-Use-Sensor's, the Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF), and Alternating-Single-Use-Exchanger (A-SUE) driving the perfusion process.

CellTernate product portfolio

  1. CellTernate specifically designed for the ATF-2 stainless steel foot and the C24 controller – create your own P-SUB range 0,4 - 2 litre Working Volume (WV)

All pre-assembled, pre-packed, all single-use (of course) and ready for easy use.