CellTernate P-SUB series 32

Engineering for high cell density cultivation

CellTernate perfusion concept

Design of the CellTernate P-SUB concept came out of work at customer site – mammalian cell cultivated in suspension, call it cell retention under semi-steady state conditions, all single-use, pre-assembled and ready to use right out of a bag. But important to integrate with the Repligen ATF concept and the Repligen widely used C24 controller.

Broth is exchanged forth and back over the HFF by the Aglaea ATF-SUE (ATF-Single-Use-Exchanger).

Aglaea 1.jpgRepligen C24.jpgAglaea 3.jpgATF foot plus clamp.JPGD3C_1655.JPG

Patent applied for CellTernate Perfusion-SUB