Details to Hollow-Fiber-Filter module's

Some hints and experience in the use of Cross-Flow-Filter's

Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) modules is a Cross-Flow-Filter device that can serve to transfer selected gases, liquids, particles between two fluids. Often a device made from an outer rigid wall tube with end covers housing inside a bundle of thin wall straws fabricated from porous material such as polyethersulfone or other polymers. The bundle of straws are sealed, cast into end covers separating the straw inside from the straw outside and hereby appearing as a Cross-Flow-Filter (CFF).

HFF modules are typically based on a stack of lumen, straws with diameters of 0,5 or 1 mm. Lately also available in 2 and even 3 mm diameter for biotech purposes.

Standard available Spectrum asymmetric TFF structure modules.


This screen dump is a part of a spreadsheet covering the most often used CFF by PerfuseCell supplied by Spectrum.


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