CellMembra engineered for perfusion cultivation

The design of the CellMembra concept

– came out of work at customer site late 2014 – request for high cell density mammalian cell line cultivated in suspension, membrane cell retention, pH and DO Single-Use-Sensor's, broth re-circulation Single-Use-Pump - able to deal with mix of gas and liquid, level sensing for level control, for use in the bioBLOCK, compact super accurate pump drive unit - all single-use, pre-assembled and ready to use right out of a bag.

What a challenge - we created CellMembra - world first all single-use Perfusion-SUB - satisfying all the wishes 

CellMembra mini with SUS.JPGLaser sensor on re-usable support.JPGCellMembra 3 liter PTF-2 control setup.JPGCellMembra 3liter details.JPGCellMembra 3-PTF-D-CFF packed.JPG


Patent applied for CellMembra P-SUB

Patents issued for CerPhragm SUP