Advanced mini P-SUB with scaffold

The iCORETM is a body based on carefully selected and arranged fibrous scaffold for mammalian cell expression or proliferation. The iCORE core body fits into different sizes of Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) vessel's. Off course we all need compact and advanced Single-Use-Sensor's to figure out what’s really going on. iCORE are designed for integration with:

  • Eppendorf® parallel system, which is most suitable for even four iCORE SUB's. The DASbox support app 100 ml fixed bed and the slightly larger bioBlock support 300 ml fixed bed scaffold volume for adherent mammalian cell cultivation.
  • iCELLis® Nano docking station from PALL®, to which the iCORE easily swap into. iCORE P-SUB will be available in two sizes - 100 ml and 200 ml fixed bed scaffold volume for adherent mammalian cell cultivation.

General features

  • The P-SUB including all wetted components pre-assembled, packed in dual film bags and precision E-beam irradiated before shipment to end-user
  • All wetted component manufactured from validated plastics. Scaffold manufactured and supplied by The Electrospinning Company
  • Weldable hoses is standard and/or sterile couplings 
  • Eliminate the need for assembling in LAF bench
  • Eliminate the need for components sterilized in conventional autoclave

Pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's

  • DO patch
  • pH patch
  • biomass - capacitance based PICO by Aber
  • future - Glucose, Lactate 

iCORE is part of the patented technology CellCore / CerCore

iCORE is a EuroStar/Euraca project application

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