Advanced mini perfusion CP-SUB with scaffold

The iCORETM is a body based on carefully selected and arranged fibrous scaffold for mammalian cell expression or proliferation. The iCORE inner body fits into the OD 110 mm Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) vessel, which hereby become CP-SUBs. Off course we all need compact and advanced Single-Use-Sensor's to figure out what’s really going on. iCOREs Continuous-Processing-SUB (CP-SUBs) are designed for integration with:

  • Eppendorf® parallel system, is most suitable for even four iCORE CP-SUB's. The bioBLOCK support SUBs for mammalian cell cultivation. The OD 110 mm iCORE fits straight into the BioBLOCK.
  • PALL® iCELLis® Nano docking station easily swap the iCORE. The OD 110 mm iCORE CP-SUB will be available in two scaffold volume sizes - 100 ml and 200 ml fixed bed scaffold volume for adherent mammalian cell expression and proliferation.

For adherent mammalian cell protein expression and stem cell proliferation.

General features

  • The Continuous-Processing-SUB (CP-SUB) including all wetted components pre-assembled, packed in dual film bags and precision E-beam irradiated before shipment to end-user
  • All wetted component manufactured from validated plastics. Scaffold manufactured and supplied by The Electrospinning Company
  • Weldable hoses is standard and/or sterile couplings 
  • Eliminate the need for assembling in LAF bench
  • Eliminate the need for components sterilized in conventional autoclave

Pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's

  • DO 
  • pH 
  • biomass - capacitance based PICO by Aber
  • level sensor
  • future - Glucose, Lactate 

iCORE is part of the patented technology CellCore / CerCore

iCORE is a EuroStar/Eureca project application

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