Pump for vacuum or pressure 

Stand-alone CE certified and EMC compliant pump. Pressure or vacuum source gas supply for drive of Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump's (SUP) via Drive Unit's like Clotho, Atropos, and Lachesis

Product, model name




Vacuum or pressure source

Vacuum source

Supply gas pressure, max

1,1 bar atmospheric

Rated pressure capacity, l/min/+ 1,0 bar 8 0
Supply vacuum pressure, higher than <0,1 bar absolute <0,1 bar absolute

Rated vacuum capacity, l/min/ + 0, Bar


one-touch couplings, for hose OD mm 8 10

Power supply, 50-60 Hz via IEC socket

230 VAC - 0,4 amp

 230 VAC - 0,3 amp

Noise level, dBa



Hephaestus cabinet size



Weight, kilo




Alagonia-8 hold one model EVO10-P1 dual rubber diaphragm pump driven by a fixed RPM asynchronous motor for very long life time. For temperature control one constant operating Sunon 70 m3/hour MagLev bearing axial ventilator.

Alagonia (2 x Alagonia and 1 x Sarpedon) can supply two Clio SUP´s with constant max 750 ml/min liquid harvest flow or one Clio-100 SUP at 1,500 ml/min flow. With either pressure or vacuum. Not both pressure and vacuum at the same time from one Alagonia!

Alagonia pump cannot start-up against pressure! (no pressure pumps can!) There must be low pressure or atmospheric pressure on both sides of the cabinet one-touch fittings before start-up. If Alagonia under start-up conditions do not immediately return to normal RPM overheating and damage will occur. Insure Alagonia is pressure released before start-up or overheating and damage will occur.

Hephaestus Stainless Steel cabinet U2 housing the Alagonia pump. Further one Sarpedon reservoir below Alagonia stabilising the pressure or vacuum. At the most right a tower where blue hoses interconnect the three units. Gauges on Sarpedon help controlling pressures. The brass pressure regulator visible at lower right corner on Sarpedon. Clippard regulate for constant 1 - 1,2 bar pressure.


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