CellTank series 35

Continuous-Perfusion SUB regulating biomass via sequential bleeding

CellTank series 35 is a novel Continuous-Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor (CP-SUB) designed for steady state continuous cultivation of high density adherent as well as suspension type of mammalian cells for expression of biologics. This version of CellTank is ready-to-use, pre-assembled and facilitates integrated  Single-Use-Sensors all in a pre-sterilized and complete package. Designed for continues expression via biomass control by sequential cell bleeding. 

This version of CellTank is designed with one build-in Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) driven by the Selene re-usable diaphragm control unit. CelllTank controlled by a suitable Process-Control-Systems (PCS).

CellTank 35 series general specification:

  • Scaffold, matrix either for suspension CHO or adherent CHO cells manufactured from PET
  • Polyamide cover integrated 100% fluid tight with vessel
  • Polyamide reactor body integrating two envelopes filled with polyester fibre matrix for enhanced biocompatibility cultivating either adherent or suspension CHO cells
  • Build in high performance diaphragm pump facilitating advanced operation such as; innoculation, media recirculation, cell bleeding, harvest function
  • Efficient elimination of bubble and cell contact and kLa values above 40 sparging with air
  • Efficient head space to liquid surface contact for efficient CO2 control
  • Delivered high precision E-beam irradiated in dual polyester foil bags

CellTank model, p/n


Vessel volume/size, ml


Media reservoir volume, ml


Working matrix volume, ml


Matrix surface area, CHO, cm2


Vessel OD for heating blanket, mm


Weight, grams 1000

CellTank facilitates the use of PG 13,5 ports:

  1. One pre-installed classical signal and type of pH sensor from Hamilton - included
  2. One pre-installed classical signal non-invasive VisiWell with dO2 sensor spot from Hamilton (Visiferm not included)
  3. Extra port for possible glucose and lactate measurements – not included
  4. One port designed for biomass sensor – Hamilton style Re-Usable-Sensors (RUS) – install yourself under sterile conditions – not included

CellTank further integrated Re-Usable-Sensors for measuring:

  • Temperature sensor in non-invasive well
  • Internal media re-circulation mass flow – SUS – manual read-out of 0,4 - 2,4 litre/min
  • Matrix pressure drop – SUS – 0 – 1,000 mm WC
  • Liquid level sensing
  • Delta P over matrix

CellTank 35 is ready 2019 for development projects.